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FEATURED ACCESSORIES ACCES SORY USER ’ S GUIDE HAT HOOP ACCESSORY LARGE METAL HOOP MAGNETIC SEAM GUIDE Deze catalogus is in de Engelse taal. Na pagina 128 vindt u een Nederlandse bijlage. TABLE OF CONTENT YOU AND YOUR SEWING MACHINE Welcome to the HUSQVARNAVIKING ® world of clever, creative accessories that will save you time and make your sewing and quilting easier and more professional.These tools will open the door to your own sewing studio with more possibilities than you could ever imagine! Most of the accessories have been developed out of the joyful creativity in our own sewing studio in Huskvarna, Sweden where ideas are born and improved.Visit our interactive sewing room at ! where you will find hints and instructions for various sewing techniques from our own Sewing Stars. If you are looking to sew the perfect gift, garment or something for your home, there are plenty of ideas to download. Let us inspire you at ! This User’s Guide groups HUSQVARNAVIKING ® accessories into sewing categories, plus there are accessory kits for special sewing categories. Be sure to experiment with your accessory feet for additional applications and visit the website for even more ideas. HUSQVARNAVIKING ® presser feet and accessories fit virtually all HUSQVARNAVIKING ® sewing machines. Look at page 5 to determine the machine group number for your HUSQVARNAVIKING ® sewing machine model. Look through the following pages for inspiration on how easy it is to develop your sewing skills and create exciting projects with accessories from HUSQVARNA VIKING ® . HUSQVARNA VIKING ® Sewing and Embroidery Machines 4 HUSQVARNA VIKING ® Embroider y Sof tware Programs 6 Ut i l i ty Garment Sewing 12 Home Dec Sewing 27 Decorat ive/Craf t ing Sewing 34 Hei r loom Sewing 52 Qui l t ing 62 Embroider y 80 Addi t ional Accessor ies 94 Over lock Sewing and Embel l i shing 101 Over lock Sewing and Covers t i tch 114 INSPIRA ™ Needles 122